Foster homes are the backbone of our rescue efforts. Since we currently do not have a facility, once an animal is accepted into our program, it is immediately taken to a vet for examination, treatment and vaccinations. Upon release from the vet, it goes directly to a foster home. A foster home is a temporary home in which our cats, kittens, dogs and puppies live as companions until they are adopted. Foster homes provide a safe and loving environment for animals that are either waiting for their new families or to become well enough to be offered for adoption. Some fosters are willing to take care of a pet who has a medical issue and needs special care, such as bandage management or a medication schedule. We look for people who love to interact with animals and truly understand that you are helping to save their lives. Our foster families have varying schedules and busy lives, but they enjoy helping the animals.

More Detail:

After picking the dog or cat up from a FCHS volunteer, the Foster Parent will give them a clean and comfortable place to stay, administer any needed medications, and provide love and attention. Many fosters will spend time teaching a dog basic commands and potty training, in an effort to make them more adoptable. By keeping their living quarters clean, the animals are healthier. Foster homes should feel comfortable when performing an adoption screening with a propestive forever family. That can happen at either your home or a public location. You are even welcome to take the animal to the adopter’s home if you’d like that type of interaction with the new family. Our Fosters have a voice in what happens to their foster animal.


Many of our foster families work full or part time. In that case, we suggest that you take 2 puppies so that they can entertain each other. We can provide a crate so that the puppies have a safe place to stay during the day. Foster Home duties consist of:
  • Picking up a dog from a volunteer, Vet, or from FCHS.
  • Providing them a safe place to stay while permanent homes are found.
  • Providing fresh food and water - we provide the food.
  • Basic training - sit, stay, come and house training.
  • Being available to a potential adoptive family to come and meet them.
  • Completing an adoption form should the family be a match.
  • Bring the puppy/dog to an adoption event.

  • Training to be a Foster:

    Previous animal experience preferred, but not necessary.
    Attend one - 1 hour orientation at the FCHS office.


    The average time from foster to placement is normally two weeks to two months.

    Interested? Fill out our foster Foster Application.