There are literally millions of "feral" (untamed) and stray cats in the USA. They come from various sources: cats that were dumped by their owners, cats that may have gotten got out of the house and became lost; and, cats that have been born outside and are the kittens of stray cats. Feral and stray cats have varying degrees of friendliness to humans. A cat that was once owned may still be friendly to people and could be placed into a new home. Other cats may be nervous around people, but with some work can be rehabilitated. Yet others are completely wild and can never be house pets.

If you have a completely wild cat hanging around your home or office, you should call Animal Control and they will provide a trap to catch the cat. In most instances, feral cats are euthanized at the shelter. However, there are some rescues who will transport them to areas where there are programs in place to save them.

HOW FOREST CAPITAL HUMANE SOCIETY CAN HELP? We encourage property owners to contact us, allow us to trap the feral cats, have them spayed or neutered and then released back to the area from where it came. While this may sound cruel, as long as the cat has a food source and a place for shelter, they can make a life for themselves. These cats cannot be socialized to humans and the only other alternative for them is to spend the rest of their lives living in terror in a cage or being taken to a vet to be destroyed. None of these options are perfect,but the trap/neuter/release option at least gives them their life and stops the cycle of endless breeding which only brings more kittens into the same fate.

If you find a house cat, or what you believe to be a house cat, you should call Animal Control. They may be able to help track down the owner. Social media is also a great way to advertise lost and found animals. Post a photo in a few groups in your area to try to find the owner and let them know where the animal is located. Forest Capital Humane Society is always happy to courtesy post any lost cat or dog on our Facebook page in an effort to reunite the owner with their pet.

Please contact us by phone or e-mail giving us a description of the animal (breed, size, color, gender), any identifying features (collar, scars), the location where the animal was seen, a photo of the animal and your contact information. We may help you reunite the cat with its owner.

Also, please understand that since our resources are limited, we must focus on the strays/ferals in our community first.. We are usually not able to accommodate strays/ferals from outside the Taylor County area. If you do not live in Taylor County, we will try to assist you in finding a rescue group closer to the town in which you live.

NOTE: Please do NOT come to FCHS with a stray cat that you want us to evaluate! We must schedule all appointments in advance. Additionally, we have a limited number of cages available and we cannot accept cats without prior arrangements.